Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!!

Yeahh!! We finally got our Christmas decorations up!!! Yes, I know were a bit late, okay, alot late but better late then never I suppose!!!
Us kiddies, the 'Shultz Brigade' went in the woods for greenery and stuff to put around the house. At least, that was the stated reason :) In the end we had no greenary and about a hundred pictures! We still got the house decorated later on so I'll go ahead and post our wood pictures too!! Hope you enjoy, Bethany

The lazy onlookersWally our 'Man'Out by our creek/swampYerik making a jumpThe jump is bigger then it looks. Really;)Trying to get a pic. of all the kids jumping at once And again

Wally and me jumping!!
Yuchi's cubby hole The beautiful water Part of the Shultz Brigade
Some mushroom type thingies Maud and I thought were neat looking Wally and barbwire ;)Yucho Madeks
Back at the house getting some real work done

The Deco. Crew
I couldn't beleive how many of our lights DIDN'T work!! Mauds new hairdewAnd mine!!! Does it make you think 'Wives and Daughters'? LOL!"Armani, Yerik, my brave boys"

The finished product!!!
Our Wise Men How do you like our 'Feather Dusters'?

Merry Christmas everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun time! I hope you have a great Christmas! In the first picture, is that your house with your cows? Or was it apart of that whole adventure? I love that picture with you and the wreath! Haha.

Down the Lane said...

Hey Bethy!!!
Y'all's house looks great. I absolutely love the "feather dusters" every time you walk by it dusts you head for you. :-)Have fun on Saturday with the family that is coming in.

SmithFamily said...

Hello 'Anonymous'! In the first picture that's not our house but it is our sheep!

Hey Britt, Had fun last night ;) hope to see you Sat/Sun!

SmithFamily said...
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Anonymous said...

Nice decorations! We too didn't have any lights work when we tried them out before putting them up sooo, we went and bought all new lights. Decided to do red white and blue theme since our basement is decorated in those colors anyway. I like it; wish we would have done that sooner. Hey, keep up those decorations so we can see them when we come New Years!
Mrs. Vawser

MortonClan said...

Ohhh, what beautiful decorations, Bethy!!! I really like the one in the den, over the fireplace...

What a fun time in the woods! The creek jumping looks fun- "Only three? Why, yesterday I found I could manage four!" ;)

I love you! Adeline

Sam said...

That looks fun as Britt said I love your "feather dusters"LOLOLOLOLOL
Luv ya