Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ronald M. Smith

Ron Smith was many things, a Husband, Father, Pastor, friend, but to me he was 'Pop', the Grandfather who would chase me around the house, tickling me 'till I cried, or took me fishing on his pontoon boat,who baptised me in the lake behind his house and who preached many a rousing sermons that changed our family forever!!Here are a few of my favorite pictures of Pop!

Pop and his lovely bride, Alma Mount

Some of his favorite things to do when he was younger were flying planes,
and riding motorcycles!!Pop and his family loved to play and sing for churches Pop loved his grandchildren,

and he always let us know it!!!
Pop loved the LORD with all his heart!! He was a preacher in Pike County and had a big vision for his church
Pop loved fishing too

Pop was alot of fun and did alot of stuff with us!!!
Daddy is working on a video about Pop that we are really excited about!

Love you Pop!



MortonClan said...

Here here! He was a mighty man of God!!! We loved him so much didn't we:) I love the post Beth, and I can't wait to see the video.
Rachel and Baby Joe

chatkat9731 said...

How precious! Charlie sure looks like him - amazing!!!

Ms. Kathy in TN

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Beth.
I wish I could have met Pop. Alan still misses him.I wish he could see his new little band of posterity.I hope we can honor him by following the Lord h all our hearts and the good example he set.