Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Lazy Days

Today I am going to do post a conglomeration of what we call "Lazy days" Pictures :)Nothing better then melted cupcakes on a hot day ;)
Madeks the Monkey
Now, Yuchi-man here is going to demonstrate the proper way to eat a berry pie!

Step #1 : Crumble pie with fingers, taking care to get as messy as possibleStep #2 Stick nose in pie and take big load mouthfuls, smearing pie on face
Step #3 Teach everyone around you to act the same
And step #4 be sure to get your sister to take a picture!
Roni the Cuteness

We were so pleased to get a visit from Wes, Rach and Joseph and Cleveland!

Little Joseph is getting so big!
Madu with Bruce
Let the game begin!

Yivoh thinks he's gonna score, but no!

Alan grabs the ball and shoots, it's a point!!!
The crowd goes crazy!!
"The Monster Truck" :)
Madisen and me!

Cuzi'Manio' the handsome

Yuchi the Ham
And Madek's the Wet
Yes, here is Yerik again,this time demonstrating a "Proper Slide"

God Bless! Bethy, Maud and Yivoh


Anonymous said...

hay yerik,
that pic. of you with the pie is a
an all time winer. he's the ham! love you buddy, cleeblend

Lizzy said...

my dear Bethy,

It seems as though you are having a lovely summer!
I do miss the warm weather of GA for it has taken quite awhile to "warm up" here!
I will respond soon to your charming letter!