Friday, May 18, 2007

News from Jacqueline

Well, another Morton has come along and claimed one of my daughters! Wesley proposed to Rachel by the Ocmulgee River, on a little island attained by canoe ride, deep in the Oconee Forest. Our families had gathered for a camping trip, and we arrived very late Friday night. We were aroused from our sleeping bags early Saturday morning with a symphony of cello, guitar and violin, and before breakfast we followed the happy couple down the river a little bit and watched from the shore as Wesley escorted our Rachel across the river in the morning midst. She came back with a beautiful ring on her finger, signifying that she had accepted his proposal, but really, the grin on both their faces was all we needed to see! Congratulations Wesley and Rachel. We look forward to another grand Smith/Morton Wedding at the end of the summer 2007!


Jennifer and Jaimee Lavin said...

Congratulations! We're very happy for you Rachel, and pray for God's blessings to be on both of your lives. What exciting news! :)

Victor and Bethany said...

Oh I'm so happy for you Rachie!! You look SO happy. I'm sure you have a lot ahead of you. May God richly bless you both in the coming months.

Lov ya girl,
Bethany Maxson:)

Victoria said...

Congrats! I've been reading your blog for quite some time now and I love all the pictures! :D May God Bless the happy couple! :)

Anna Naomi said...

I'm so happy for y'all! How exciting that your families continue to be joined together. =)

princesskate7 said...

Congratulations Rachel! I am so happy for you... May God bless you with a happy courtship and marriage.

Jessie said...

Aww, Congratulations! They're both so cute!!

Ruthanne said...

THREE unions out of these two Smith and Morton families. That is too beautiful for words!

Congraulations, Wesley and Rachel!

in Alabama

FitzClan said...

Oh, congratulations! I'm so excited for ya'll!

Christ's blessings,
Lauren for the whole family

Michaelmthomas said...

So many MANY M-A-N-Y congratulations!!!

Lord bless you both!!!

Yee haw!

Love to you all in Christ Jesus,

Michael Thomas

The Couch Family said...

What a wonderful blessing!!! I am SO happy for you Rachel!

In Christ,
Miranda Couch

the vaughans said...

Wow! How exciting! And I must admit, I'm a bit surprised! I am so happy for ya'll! God Bless you in the days ahead!!

Love ya!

Baleboosteh said...

Many, many congratulations! This is such wonderful news. We send our very best wishes to Wesley and Rachel and may the Lord continue to bless both your families.
Michelle & Rob

The Cochran's said...

What exciting news!!! We are so happy for you and pray that the Lord will truly bless your marriage.
With Love,
The Cochran Family