Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Betrothal of Wesley & Rachel

Michael working out in the fields Saturday afternoon before the Betrothal Ceremony.

Wesley and Rachel on the horses.

Here are a few pix of Michael and Kressant's garden.

Wesley, Rachel and Bret.
~Many thanks to Katie for the above photos:)

Setting up for the Betrothal Ceremony.

Mr. Morton opens up the afternoons ceremony.

Wesley giving his testimony.

In which Daddy produces the Betrothal Covenant.

Pledging the vows.

Snatching a few minutes sleep in between the ceremony and dinner;)

Darling Mrs. Kim with her newest little blessing after dinner.

The newly betrothed couple.

A farewell pix of Michael and Kressy right before the Smithy clan headed back to Griffin Monday.

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