Monday, March 19, 2007

A Mothers Musings

Jacqueline here,
Can you believe it? I’m actually blogging! The reason being that it was brought to my attention that we have failed to notify blogland that the Smith Fam is going to Latvia very soon, to adopt a sibling group of 5 beautiful children!
This darling girl has had her 11th birthday over the winter. She and her brother came to Griffin on temporary visas last summer and stayed with us for 5 weeks. If you want to see pics, look back in July 2006 archives. She arrived in blue jeans, but her eyes lit up when we showed her the beautiful pink and blue nitegowns we had made for her. She promptly chose the pink one. The joy of being a girl!! We had some lovely skirts and dresses for her to wear and she steadfastly refused to wear her jeans even for a romp in the woods or to ride a bike, lol, until it came time to dress for the plane ride home.
The oldest boy has turned 8. He is a tiny but spunky fellow. Madi tells him what to do constantly but he has a mind of his own. He is slow to warm up, but very loving when he does!

This picture of the two little ones was just send to us. Aren't they precious!
Bret (Or Big Bret as the term had been going now that little Bret is here) and I will soon go to Latvia for 2 weeks, to stay in a bed-and-breakfast with all five children, but alas, we must come home without our 5 blessings! A month later, I’m to go to court and return home, again, without my chilens. Then, a, month after that, Lord willing, I will make the much anticipated trip to bring all five children home!! We will take them to get their US entrance visas, and then head home. Anybody wanna go and help me get the kids home? I’ll be needing some able bodies! Bret is going to stay home and work to pay for the trip. What a joy it is to love, serve and follow such a Godly leader!

News of baby Bret: Now over 12lbs, still blond-headed and blue eyed. He’s smiling and trying to laugh! Grandbabies are mighty grand! Katie is a fabulous mother; my own dear son Alan is a proud and happy husband and papa. Bret’s first words are destined to be “I love Abuelita” - that’s me- his loveable little grandmother;)

News of Kressant: Kressie seems pretty much recovered from the accident; and is happily anticipating the birth of my 2nd grandbaby in July! She is enjoying working alongside Michael, farming, and preserving, and studying, and they are just both so smart (if I do say so myself!). Michael is a precious son-in-law, and I am so happy that Kressant is entrusted to such a fine man of God!

Rachel and Bethany have been taking advantage of our beautiful southern weather today by alternately working with me on the yard (so it won’t look so neglected when all my dear friends gather here with their sons while our men take our dear daughters to the Father-Daughter Retreat down at Calloway Gardens), lounging on the roof playing a Smithy favorite called Canasta, and taking the little boys to the park across the street. Hmm, now if the sheep would just eat up all wild onions that have taken over the yard…

Hats off to Master Edwin, the hero of “The Phone Tale” in which my pink phone (yes it really is pink) disappears in the confusion of packing up at the Morton’s home, and our brave hero discovers and rescues the much used item from the perils of the yard. Thanks buddy!!

My grandmother always said that “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” Well, I am about to be blessed with a total of 7 sons and 4 daughters and already the grown ones are taking their place in society and going forth to battle against the evil one. I feel like a queen!

If you live in the cold lands (or even if you don’t) come see me in sunny Griffin!
Much Love,


Abbi said...

Thanks for the wonderful update. We can't wait to see you girlies soon!

Much Love,

Abbi (For the Sanders Ladies)

Julie Cochran said...

I was justwondering about those five children you had mentioned in the summer.
my mind is running on over drive trying to think who might could go with you.
i have some folks in mind.
woudl they have to pay their own ticket?
i HAVE been trying to get back down there ever since that lovely time in July at the film festival.
maybe next weekend! Lord willing.
we shall see.
i will call you first, of course.
we would just drive down for the afternooon on sunday, though we so loved your worship time in the barn on sunday morning, we are committed to doing childrens ministry at our church up here next sunday.
oh well.
look forward to getting our girls together again and sitting at your feet. smile.
in love and prayers...for the QUEEN!
Julie Cochran up in Jefferson
ps. have you tried hydrangea yet? it really worked for me. let me know if you need some still!so the queen can eat cake!!