Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Edwards surprise baby shower:)

I begin this post, (or rather finish this post, as I have been posting pictures about it sparodically for about three days now, lol. Sorry;) with our adventure to the Edwards for a surprise baby shower for Mrs. Kim. She was aware that Alan, Katie, Bret and I were coming Saturday morning to stay the weekend and film. (Though she didn't know the shower was what we were planning on filming.) The Pethtel's had arrived the night before. We pulled in at about 6am Saturday morning, and crashed for a couple of hours sleep.
The morning was then spent in partaking of a jolly breakfast, till Mrs. Kim was sent off, so that we could get ready for the shower that was to be at 2 in the afternoon.

I think the pix can pick up the story from there.
The Edwards were soo sweet to let us in on the fun! Their hospitality was such a blessing:)


Mr. Edwards and Mr. Pethtel's pleasant beginning of the morning, lol.

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