Sunday, August 06, 2006

Meanwhile tuesday evening, as we had supper, Alan had a partially amusing, but mostly "character building", adventurous drive home from a service call. Well, it would have been an adventurous ride home, but the vehicle never quite made it home. But that was the adventurous part:) LOL! Apparently it was storming impressively as he drove down an old dirt road, when his car ceased moving, having become hopelessly stuck in the ever increasing mud. Anyways, in short, after several hours of attempting to fix the situation himself, he had to be rescued by Daddy and Mr. Hosea, arriving home to a late supper, and Katie's sweet support. The next morning they left with the truck, Katie, cables, and determination, and returned triumphant, car in tow, covered in mud, but apparently pleased with the accomplishment. And of course they had the plus of an amusing story to be told:)
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