Monday, March 15, 2010

A much belated post of our December

Hello Readers!
Yes, this is a post on December;) I know it's so, so, late but I really loved these pictures so I just had to post them!
The first two weeks in Dec. we were traveling about up North and we went to Michigan to see my dear Grandmother, Nanny and dear Grandpa Charles! We had such a blast playing cards, our fav. past time with Nanny-O who is the Champion of cards! Right after we arrived it started snowing! Nanny had two sleds for us to play with and we were out there for hours! It was such a blast! We also got to go to two very interesting museum's; The Children's museum and Meijers Garden.

I small hole-in-the-wall town we stopped at! It consisted of two gas stations, right across from each other and a little donut shop! How cute!

Our Hand-n-foot tournament begins!!

Which one to lay down?

Yuchi and our Chorus of snowman!

Our King and Queen

Maud, you're so much fun! What would I do with you?!

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