Friday, February 19, 2010

Maud and I playing on the Big Snowball

The day after our "Blizzard" we went sledding a ways down the road!

Our undercover body guard :)I hope y'all enjoyed the once-in-a-half-a-life-time "Blizzard" in Georgia, as much as we did!
Bethany for the Smithy's


Brittany said...

Oh how fun!!!!! Its funny but Georgia has gotten more snow than we have way out here in Idaho since New Years Eve. That was the last big snow.
I sure miss y'all and I cant wait to see yall in a little over 11 days!!! YAY!
Love me,

Anonymous said...

Now this is an ADORABLE picture.

Mortonclan said...

Hey! More pix!!! I love the snow:) The pic of Dad and Mom is so precious. It's gotta be one of my favorites of them. Thanks for blogging Beth. We're wildly excited about seeing y'all!!!!!! Love and kisses.

Down the Lane said...

I loved the snow too! Although I didn't play in it very long. lol :-) Miss you!! See you soon I hope!!
Well "things to do..things to do...",

Anonymous said...

As a "northerner", it's fun to see you Georgia folks enjoying the snow, which I guess we take for granted every year (still have 2 feet on the ground!). Lovely, lovely pictures!

Brian said...

Yay snow! Actually we had snow here too, but got no photos. I really love the snow.