Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Anniversary cruise

In July Daddy and Mama had their 29 anniversary!! To celebrate they went on a cruise to Mexico!!
Their ship The Holiday!
The harbor in Mobile, AL.

Leaving the harbor

Their first stop was Cozumel, where they took a Catamaran out and were lifted up in the air with a sail!! Not exactly para-sailing but we're not sure what to call it.
Daddy got to do some fishing too!

Their second (and last) stop was in Chichen Itza where they went to see the Mayan Ruins!!
There is a very interesting DVD by Doug Phillips about the Mayan people in the History of the World Conference!! They were an extremely smart but horribly wicked people. Their buildings are huge and very elaborate and filled with carvings and statues of snakes and skulls.

Inside the Sports Arena, which is about the size of a football field!!
People that have studied the Mayans (like Mr. Phillips) think that in this Arena you had to throw a ball through that hoop in the wall, kinda like basket ball!
One of the thousands of statues of snakes that are EVERYWHERE!

This is a stone wall with a carving of a warrior kneeling down and his head is cut off. I'd hate to have that carving on my walls

More snakes

On the way home they stopped at a little restaurant where Mexican ladies danced with platters of jars on their heads.

While they were at sea Daddy and Mama took a tour of the kitchen!! What fun!!
These are huge soup pots!! Think of how many people we could serve with that thing!! That's what we need!!

Daddy showing a beater to what must be a massive mixing bowl

Happy Anniversary Daddy and Mama!!

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OurLilFullFam said...

Looks like they had a great time, how neat!

We are studying Streams of Civilization this year and it its interesting to see the carvings of different groups of people. It makes us realize how lost they really were (and we would be) without God!