Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wwweeeeheeewwweee we-dom-dom de-way!!!......

In the jungle....
the mighty jungle...

The Lion sleeps tonight!!!!!
Iiinnn the jungle

the quiet jungle....

The lion sleeps tonight!!!
Weeeeeweeweee a we-dum-dum-da way!!!!

Hush my darling, don't fear my darling......

The lion sleeps tonight!!!

Hush my darling, don't fear my darling...........

The lion sleeps tonight!!!
Weeeeee oweee weeee we-dum-dum-day way!! A wheema pep a wheema wepp a we dum-dum da way!!!!! ;)
Hope your having a great day!! (we are;)
Dios tebendiga!


Down the Lane said...

Aww.....the is one cute post! Where did you get such a cute kitty?? lol :-)

Anonymous said...

How cute with all the baby animals and chicks. Must be fun to have all that in your jungle!!

Mrs. Vawser

OurLilFullFam said...

Cute kitten and little chick too!


Down the Lane said...

funny Bethany!! i miss Max! cant believe you posted about a CAT!(or lion) LOL!

Sami said...

DId your chicken hatch the chicks??
Luv ya!!!


LOL, you're hilarious, Bethy!!! :D I love you!!

Miss ya',

(who is having a wonderful day, too, Praise the Lord!! Chopped potatoes, and cleaning this afternoon...leftover pecan pie for snack...and missing grandkids and sis-in-laws and brothers!! sis-in-laws and GK's are due to arrive home Wed., our men on Fri.!! It will so good to have em' all back on the farm!! :D Oh, we had two chickens die. And we plowed the garden up for Fall planting! So, that's what our days have been holding!!

Ah. I need a Smithie visit.Y'all do come and see us?! God bless each of you.)


Kat said...

Very creative Beth, but I have never heard of chickens in the jungle. Maybe I should get out more.



BrittaH said...

Very cute post. :D

chatkat9731 said...

THis was very cute - looks like a relative to our Puss and Boots though.