Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Birthday Boys

These past couple of weeks we've had 3 birthdays!!
Madisens was first! He turned 6!! Yuchi's was next and he turned 7!
And then last (but not least) Arman turned 12!!Since Madisen's and Yuchi's B-days were so close we celebrated theirs together! And we started a new Smithy tradition too!! Instead of cakes on b-days we'll have Pinatas!! How neat is that?! Well, I thought it was neat, at least it's different! The kiddo's had never seen one before and didn't know what to do with it! LOL! They were in for a happy surprise!Madi with our horsey pinata which she called 'Goofy' but the rest of us officially dubbed 'Lightning' ;)"I get to hit it?!!" Spin him round an round!

Bretski takin a turn! Gavido was so cute! He had his tongue stuck out the whole time he was trying to hit it!

Happy b-day boy!
Madek's with his trophy
It's almost down!
Isn't this cool?! Daddy gave the final blow from sitting down!

What's left of lightning ;) The mad dash for candy

Little Pinata hams
Arman reading the sweet note from Nanny and Grandpa Charles
Present time!

And here's all the boys with their b-day presants from Nanny and Grandpa Charles!!

Happy Birthday boys!!




Rebekah said...

How cute! Love the pinata idea.

Happy Birthday, Guys! From the S. Fam.

Miss you all!

Rebekah, for all

Sam said...

Cute!!!! Happy b-day yall!!
We do this thing when the b-day opens ther gift we say (really loud, while claping our hands) "Present time! Present time! Open the present and see whats inside!!!!!!!!!"