Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Katherine Esther Smith
(Spelling of Katherine yet to be decided)
OHHH! How delightful this is!! We have a beautiful, healthy, adorable little granddaughter/niece!!!!!! She was born on Sunday at 6:41 am with gorgeous black hair and the chunkiest, softest cheeks you ever did kiss!!! Ohh, thank you Lord!!
The proud, happy daddy and curious big brother ;) Auntie D with precious little Esther
Awww, she is beauty in and of itself!!
Playing around with Auntie's hair ;)
Her precious yawn!!!
Katie looking absolutely radiant and happy!
Big Brother inspecting his new play toy;)It was so wonderful that all 3 Morton Clans could make it up for this super special celebration!!! Oh dear!!LOL! He's learning young ;)
McKinney's artsie picture
It's so sweet to see how much Mikey just loves Joey!! He talks about him and his Aunt "Peach" all the time!! Ahhh, what a cutie!!

Anyone who spends any time with the Smith's and Morton's knows that whenever we get together we almost always play cards!! LOL!

Well, I leave you with a gorgeous picture that Essie's dear Auntie Addie took of her!!!

I hope that I can post some more later on!

An excited, happy Auntie,



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Smith & Morton Families, on the new arrival on the new baby!!!

The Cochran's said...

What a beautiful name and a precious gift from the Lord!!!
Congratulations to all of you! I'm sure everyone must be so happy!!!
We've enjoyed all of the pictures, thank you for sharing them!

Rejoicing With You,

Savannah (for the rest of the Cochran's)

Anna Naomi said...

Such lovely pictures, especially the last one! Thanks for sharing and congratulations to your family! Nieces are such a joy!

I had to smile at your comment about card playing, because anyone who knows the Lofgrens knows that we also do the same thing almost every time we get together. =)

BB said...

AAAWWWWWW!!!!! She is so cute!!! I am so happy that you all finally have a baby girl!!!!
It makes me smile every time that I think about it!!!
I love you all!
Love me,
Bb Vawser

OurLilFullFam said...

Katie looks great! She is beautiful. I am sure everyone loves all the pink!

It's funny to see the boys with her. What a lucky little girl to have those older brothers!!



Please tell Katie that The Stricklen Family from Central Florida said CONGRATULATIONS!! The baby is absolutely beautiful! What a gift from God! We met your sister in law (?) at the Crossroads Conference in GA in Feb. Such a sweet family :)
If she doesn't remember me, she can hop over to our blog (if she has time - I am sure she has little of that these days!) Anyway it is:

God bless you ALL!
Mrs. Stricklen