Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A day in Daddy's Childhood

While we were in Tennessee we had the rare privilege of going and visiting people and places from when Daddy was a boy!!!
Mr. Ken Roberts and his wife. Mr. Ken was one of the main people who led bring my Grandfather, Ron Smith to the LORDIt was so amazing to be able to video tape him talking about Pop when he was 20 years old! Running off some of their energy :)
Witty, charming, the perfect sister :)

A well loved sister
Waving farewell!!!
Mom and I laughing over something Daddy in front of Terra Vista Church, where my Grandfather used to preach
"Bethy, I'm gonna take a picture of you!"

The house behind the Church where Daddy lived when he was 10The pine tree that we are standing in front of used to be about Mauds height when Daddy played thereDear Mother! You match the fall colors around you!! How lovely The house where Daddy lived when he was 6 and 7
Standing with the kind gentleman that lives there now
The boys playing where Daddy used to play as a boy! How special!

"I don't think that's how it looked when I was here"

Daddy and Mrs. Crownover, who lived next door! She says she remembers Daddy and his family! How amazing! Awww, it's been a long day :)


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Alyssa said...

Lovely pictures Bethany!