Monday, October 20, 2008


3 Weeks ago we took our kitchen apart and started the long process of repainting it!!
There was stuff everywhere!!! :)

Mumsie and I, the painters

Mama working on the drawers
Real "Art"
Since I didn't have a camera when we first started I don't have a before picture but here it is all finished!

The happy kitcheners!!!!



mortonclan said...

Wow!!! That looks beautiful! I love how the white and black looks. Great job!!!
Love and miss y'all,

The Stone Family said...

I must agree with Adeline... The black and white is simply stunning! Thanks for the birthday wishe, Bethany! Hope to see y'all sometime soon, too!

Mama Ant said...

Well, you already know how much I love it! But it is neat to see the progress in pictures! Hugs.....