Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A-swimming we shall go!!

This post should really be called "A-swimming we WENT" because it was quite a while ago, but Maud and I agreed it just didn't sound right ;) So, here it is!

A couple of weeks ago Nanny and Grandpa Charles came and stayed a whole week with us! It was so much fun to get to see them and visit with them!
While they were here we all went to Aunt Debs and went swimming! Thanks Aunt Deb and Sara!

Sara and Vido
Another Pic. with Vido :)

Yucho man
Sweet Nanny-o
Jump #1
And #2

We were all so proud of Madeks cause he learned to swim this trip!! Whoo- hoo Madeks!
Manio and Madeks showing me how to swim underwater

Charlie-n-Kate passed by in their Big Truck and came by!!
Abuelita enjoying Little Roni

Nothing like ending a long swim with watching "Finding Nemo" :)
Have a blessed day!!

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