Wednesday, January 09, 2008

He weighs 8 pounds and 8ounces!
katie was so brave and did an amazing job!!

A little over 21 inches long
Ohh, He is so perfect and tiny, and he has a strong grip wih his hands!!

Praise the LORD for this adorable little treausre!


Anna Naomi said...

Oh! He's so cute! Thank you for being so prompt and posting pictures! He's a sweet little 'un!

The Cochran's said...

Congratulations on the birth of Ronald Michael!!!
We are so excited for you on the birth of your newest blessing!!!

We are so happy that mama and baby are doing well.

With Love,
Savannah (For The Cochran Family)

Tina said...

He's adorable!!! Katie doesn't even looked like she birthed a baby! What a good sport!!


Paul, 'tina and baby

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all of you! This is so wonderful!

~ With love from the
Shepherds in Alabama

My Redeemer Liveth said...

So handsome! We are praying for this future man of God!
Anna (for the Stones)

donna abbott said...

What a precious gift from God! Our family rejoices with you over your second little blessing. What fun your boys will have together! We love you all.

The Abbotts

Jacob Lingo said...

Congratulations, Alan! May the Lord bless him and grow him into a strong, Christian man!

Jacob Lingo

Baleboosteh said...

Praise God for His amazing goodness! What a beautiful little boy! Many congratulations to Michael and Katie.
With love from
Michelle, Robert, Isaac and Elisha