Monday, December 03, 2007

Puerto Rico

Last weekend Aunt Brenda, Aunt Lynda and Grandaddy and Nana took me to Puerto Rico along with my cousin Zoey! Thank y'all so much, it was so much fun and so beautiful!!
At Last!!
The veiw from our window
From the shore

The first morning we headed straght for the pools and ocean! Grandaddy really enjoyed the hot tub:)
Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters............

La Playa de Rio Mar

Zoe and I wave jumping;)

Later that day we went to El Yuque, the rainforest!

My two Aunties and Zee

THe rainforest "queens"

La Mina Falls
On the walk back to our car we ended up a mile away from the parking lor, hence the above picture;)

Arn't they cute?!
Grandaddies um, delicous supper
After supper we visited the Marina where I used to live, Puerto Del Rey!!

I leave you a picture of our Marina slip where we used to keep our boat.
God Bless!


MortonClan said...

Wow!!! What a fantastic trip! Hope the weather was good! Did you get to see y'all's old house!? I love that one of GrandDaddy and Nana! LOL...G.Dad's fish looks amazing...just the thing! :D
Love you!

Anna Naomi said...

Looks like a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.

Lauren said...

Ooo, looks like fun!

Keep up the great work on the blog, Bethany!


a_vaughan said...

What beautiful pictures! Everything is so green! Thanks for sharing the photos. Hope you had fun.

MortonClan said...

Whoo hoo Beth!!! How jolly:) It looks like loads of fun. I love the hair stick you brought me, and am wearing it right this minute:) Thou art a charmer. I love you so much. Kiss the little boys for me.

Peaches and your little nephew or niece

Anonymous said...

nephew or niece? Is someone pregnant? :)