Saturday, October 06, 2007

~Round Two~

Mama's second trip to Latvia was conducted safely and successfully, a couple of weeks ago. The Lord blessed the trip greatly, and Mama, Beth and Madi are looking ahead with great expectation to the final trip to bring home the four new little boys!

Here are a few pix of mumsie's last trip...

The Smithy's (and baby Bret) before Mama's departure.

Farewell at the gate.

Madisen and Gavido in front of their orphanage.

An apple eating cowboy.

The short lived "Juice Brigade."

Gavido all ready for the rain.

"Look Mommy, we're famous! We're on the blog!"

Mumsie at Court. Madara, Ivo, Mareks, Marisen and Gavido are now officially Smithy's!!!!

Ivo's schoolwork.



The street's of Riga.

Breakfast time.

Mareks with some of his sweet caretakers.

Ivo and Mareks off to school.

An official Ham Portrait.

Mareks, Ivo and their friend Elgars in Mama's room.

The Tervete care center complex, in the midst of the lovely Tervete forest.

Sweet little kiddies at Tervete.

King of the hill. (Or rock in this case.)

A soccer match in progress.

Collecting baggage at the Atlanta Airport:)

~Rachel (who is here with the Smithy's while her Wesley is away to Challenge Extreme for the week)


Olivia Stone! said...

More additions to your family!The Lord really is blessing you!
In Christ,
Olivia Stone!

Stinnett Family said...

What cute little children! May they grow up to be mighty in Christ! Praise God the whole family can be together soon!