Sunday, April 29, 2007

Yet another Stone Mountain excursion

I was recently alarmed by getting on our blog and glancing at the last date that we posted something. Too long ago. So after a most amusing trip to Home Depot with Daddy this afternoon, I sat down and attempted to remedy the situation. The following is the result of my attempt, though you can be the judge as to whether I succeeded in breaking up the monotony of our blog as of late:)

Alan and Katie are presently on the road home from Tennessee where they spent the weekend. We have felt the loss of their society most acutely, but hopefully they will have some pictures from their trip they'll be willing to share with us, when they get settled back into their routine.

But alas, I am suffering as usual from a refusal on my own account to get to bed at a "decent hour", and shall rectify the situation directly. So Tre~la y'all, and may the Lord bless and keep you this week.

Grace and Peace in our Lord Jesus Christ,

Last Saturday found us Smithy's off to Stone Mountain in "The Big Black Truck". The boys grilled us some hot dogs, and then Daddy took us kids up the mountain. It was delightfully windy and we had an excellent time!

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